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Free Certification Exams - Several new courses added this semester.


About Southeastern College

The mission of Southeastern College is to lead the educational development of technical and professional students.  We bring this mission to life by focusing on the quality of our curriculum, diversity of classes, and the flexibility at which our courses are offered. Our goal is to provide the best academic programs, the best student support services and the widest options for those seeking professional and technical certification.

Southeastern College has developed a world class distribution system of online technical and business classes designed to keep your skills sharp and improving. The college offers numerous online courses that are conveniently available through the internet. Online credit courses are offered through a course management system, which can accommodate a very flexible schedule.

Courses may include the use of email, live chat, interactive quizzes and other resources so that students can learn in the same manner as they would in a campus classroom. Instructors use a variety of learning methods and assignments in the online courses similar to campus classes. But the added flexibility of the courses provides the perfect time management tool for those who have tight schedules.

Considering the speed at which technology evolves, Southeastern College is a great solution for keeping your skills current. Diploma programs, technical certifications, and professional designations are easy and affordable to obtain. Our catalog of courses encompasses over 1000 individual classes that are available completely online.


As we grow our certification programs and bring new faculty to the college, we acknowledge that it is our responsibility to utilize the expertise of top-quality researchers, instructors and support staff. The talent we use includes professional instructors, industry experts in technology, seasoned veterans within the professional fields of study, and world-classes curriculum developers.

At the heart of Southeastern College is a resource pool made up of highly distinguished researchers and scholars. While many of them are celebrated for their awards and honors, the single most important contribution a teacher can make is to spark the joy of discovery and knowledge in their students.

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